Docs, MySQL Dumps, Buildbot Recap

It's been a few days since my last update, so here it is!

  1. I finished writing up the docs addition for setting up a local buildbot instance
  2. Ran a manual table-by-table mysql dump on my local snapshots of statusdb and schedulerdb, which successfully shrunk their collective size from 108gb to 14.5gb, or by 86.6%! So these snapshots are alot easier to deal with. They currently only show the build data from July 8th 02:00:00 GMT to July 16th ~12:00:00 GMT, which is plenty for my current dev enviromment setup.
  3. Adjusted the master.cfg file for build-master in Buildbot to use the mysql schedulerdb on my local system, rather than the default sqlite:///state.sqlite

    • Changed line 143 of master.cfg from c[‘db_url’] = “sqlite:///state.sqlite” to c[‘db_url’] = "mysql://buildbot:buildbot@localhost/temp_schedulerdb"

      • NOTE: The regex does not like a mysql user that has no password. Originally, I had specified root: , ie "mysql://root:@localhost/temp_schedulerdb", so I made a new user named buildbot, password buildbot.
    • Ran pip install MySQL-python==1.2.3 from the buildbot virtualenv… found this via pip freeze from my already existing buildapi virtualenv
    • Added export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mysql/bin to the buildbot virtualenv bin/activate file
  4. Tested the buildapi/buildbot dev setup I have works end-to-end. It is unclear if buildbot is actually grabbing the new build requests and pending them. I need to check with Armen on this… It is unclear where exactly to look for these pending builds via buildbot. I have found that once entering a build_request that the new request instantly shows up under the same branch it was requested under pending jobs for the day today. i.e. I rebuild a job from July 10th, and then I go back to view jobs for today at a link like and it has shown up in the pending jobs section. I tested with buildbot shut down and it still worked… so I am still unclear how to check that buildbot likes or dislikes a build_request
  5. Edited/Modified the manual unit tests for the patch
  6. Started writing the patch for bug 793989

    1. Took some time to get reacclimated to the exact issue and which db tables need to be filled
    2. Unclear on a couple of points, also going to clarify with coop/armen on Monday

More next week! Have a great weekend!