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Bug 793989: It's been a few days since my last update, but here is the gist. I am still chasing the issue I mentioned before. It doesn't look like I am able to run any controller function that ends up calling* (where g is app_globals), because is returning NoneType. It appears as though is never actually added to app_globals, or if it is, I cannot seem to find it… How is this setup in the production version of buildapi? For instance, I am assuming that when an 'authorized' user enters a valid revision into a the box at the bottom of where it says "Create new dep builds on try revision", that it'll successfully kick-off that functionality. In my instance, this simply fails with "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'newBuildAtRevision'". I have played with pdb a bit to try and unearth something, but it seems to me that there is simply a configuration of some sort missing in my local instance, that is present in the production environment. I am throwing out these questions to coop to see if he has run into this issue before.

Bug 931580: So, in the meantime, I am back to working on bug 931580.

Add-On Idea: Additionally, I threw an idea around to some devs about making an add-on for Firefox that takes your hg-related email (the one you always use to make checkins on hg), and it'll look for, track/log and alert you when a checkin you have made has completed all builds/tests and if it Passed or Failed (Some issue other than all greens). This plugin would make use of the buildapi extension that I already built this summer which returns json to tell whether a checkin has finished all builds/tests and if it has passed them all or failed (again, something other than all greens)… that extension relates to bug 900318


Waiting for answers, breaking into Bug 931580

I am still waiting for some answers from catlee pertaining to how to properly construct a buildrequest and what tables to fill in and where.

In the meantime, I have started breaking into bug 931580. I am looking through the schedulerdb and statusdb schemas, as well as some existing models in buildapis, to determine how to query for, build and respond with a json list of all slaves organized by master/build_id given a branch and revision.


Questions have been sent to catlee

Took a good look over catlee's partial patch after applying it to my buildapi instance so I could play with it a bit. I came up with a good list of questions for him and sent them off. I expect to hear back no sooner than Wednesday since he is traveling currently.

It is looking like the patch is designed with the notion that the UI will be a simple form that allows the user to make a POST request detailing the build to (re)trigger and a priority value for that build, etc. The patch looks mostly done, but there is some obvious parts that need completing. So hopefully after catlee answers back this week I can start hammering away at a solution to the missing pieces of this patch!

Until catlee responds to my questions, I am going to start looking into bug 941580 and answering back comments that have been added to bug 900318.


First day back with Release Engineering as a “Student Worker”

Today is my first day back on the Release Engineering team and it feels great! Now down to da business.


Right off the bat I am handling 2 bugs, and I’ve read into both to get the jist of what is happening. Also compiling some questions.

  • Bug 793989 of primary concern
    • Self-serve should be able to manually request trigger of any of the standard test suite jobs/additional build jobs that were not run in the original push (not just retriggers or complete sets of dep/PGO/Nightly builds).
    • Useful Files
  • Bug 931580
    • Bug 923213 referes to adding a USD $ amount to each try report to improve the discussion surrounding build inefficiencies. In order to generate some data for this, we need to have buildapi be capable of returning a list of buildslaves after a job is complete.

Next, I am getting my local buildapi instance running again. I have made some changes to my environment and I suspect it’s behind some wierdness that now exists within the virtualenv for buildapi, so I reran pip install -r requirements.txt to reinstall all of the proper dependancies. Then I danced around with some errors, and am saving it for tomorrow, but it seems to be almost ready to go.