ImportError: No module named buildbotcustom.misc

In my previous post, I walk through the setup that I have so far for buildbot in a docker container and the issues I am having with it. It turns out that it all seems to revolve around an ImportError for a module named buildbotcustom.misc. I added the following to the Dockerfile based on suggestions:

RUN export PYTHONPATH=/Buildbot:/Buildbot/tools/lib/python
RUN ln -s /Buildbot/buildbotcustom /Buildbot/lib/python2.7/site-packages/buildbotcustom

When I run ./ in /Buildbot/buildbot-configs, it fails all 20 masters. When I look at *checkconfig.log in the test-output/ directory, each and every master is failing checkconfig with this error, which makes sense given that this is the same error given when running make checkconfigs in /Buildbot/build-master/. Seems like a simple path issue, but I am unsure what the next step should be here.

The Dockerfile and other files necessary for the container in question here can be found here:

To run this container just pull the directory above and run:

docker build -t buildbot-app .; docker run -i -t buildbot-app /bin/bash;

Then the container will launch! Assuming you have docker already setup on your system. Don't forget to launch the virtualenv in /Buildbot/