Making Progress

With my last post I made sure that my development environment was finally in working order and I could begin developing the patch needed for bug 793989. So, I've delved back into the partial patch that catlee has already written, made sense of exactly what is happening with all the pieces, and how they relate to a different sort of buildrequest entry, namely selfserve.rebuild_build. I now have a pretty solid idea of what a complete/accurate set of schedulerdb entries should look like for the new functionality required by this bug. Now I am taking the time to actually develop tests *before* writing the patch. This is a bit of a new thing for me, but I can definitely see the major advantages to testing first.

As far as I can tell, there are 5 main things I need to test for:

  1. /self-serve/{branch}/test_builders successfully calls selfserve.new_build_for_builder
  2. selfserve.new_build_for_builder adds an entry to the mq
  3. selfserve.new_build_for_builder's mq Entry is complete and accurate
  4. mq.do_new_build_for_builder is called and see's all info from selfserve.new_build_for_builder's mq entry
  5. mq.do_new_build_for_builder enters info into database correctly

A few questions are still floating around though. Pylons is setup to run with nosetests, which is really nice because you can load a partial WSGI app and then mess with its internals to test everything as it would be in a real app. However, I have never been able to get this to work successfully. So the question is currently, how long should I spend trying to figure out nosetests? If I decide to forgoe nosetests, I can easily use unittest as I have for other unittests before.

The plan is to contact catlee to ask if he has any additional knowledge pertaining to running with nosetests given that he is one who wrote it 3 years ago. If not, I am going to continue on making the unittests with unittest. Unittest should allow me to do most, if not all, of the testing I need to do, it just needs a little more finessing to get it just right.

I am going to start on the unittest version of tests before hearing back from catlee, since they are easily portable to nosetests and I won't be waiting to get it done.